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A "reel" fly fisherman doesn't call it a hobby. Fly fishing is all about chasing the dream. And when you can't be on the river, be online talking with other avid anglers who share your obsession. And these "reel" fishermen want a serious source for straight talk about the best places to fish, and the best equipment to help them land that next monster. Fish may be stupid, but they can spot a yokel a mile away.

About the author: A life long angler, and avid fly tier, I call Boulder, Colorado my home. I fish Colorado's rivers, and when I can't take the time for longer trips find myself hitting Boulder Creek. A deep passion for the sport of fly fishing has guided me to reach out to other fishermen across the internet and attempt to make some lasting impressions upon the angling community as a whole. A thanks goes out to all those who visit and I'd like to let you know that I enjoyed crafting this site as much as all of you have enjoyed exploring it.